Men's Rules

The following are special by-laws and rules governing the Great Upstate Lacrosse League (GULL). The current NCAA lacrosse rules will apply in any situation not covered herein. Officials assigned to the GULL games are current or former high school or college officials. The GULL follows the current college rules with the exception that we do not allow deliberate body checking (incidental body contact is to be expected). Additional exceptions are listed in the Playing Rules section below.


All players MUST wear the league issued jersey.

  1. If for any reason, a player does not have a their league issued jersey, they should ask a GULL employee at the scores table for a league issued pinny to wear for the game. The pinny should be return after the game.
  2. All team issued jerseys will be handed out and distributed by the league the first week of games. If you do not attend the first week of the league, your jersey will be held at the scores table.

All players can only be registered on ONE team.

  • Exception #1: League players can fill in for other teams only if they have less that 12 guys at the start of the game. This exception does not apply to the playoffs.
  • Exception #2: If a team can not field a goalie for the playoffs, it is up to the leagues discretion on who can fill in and play.
  1. DRINKING: Any team allowing players to drink during the games or spectators to drink in the bench area will be subject to suspension and/or forfeiture of game or ejection from the league. There are NO alcoholic beverages allowed at the GULL.
  2. TRASH: If there are trash cans at your field, please use them. If not, please take your litter with you. All teams are required to clean up their bench areas and any mess left in the parking lots after their games. Any trash left behind will result in a loss of your forfeit bond as well as a loss for every game played that night. In order to stay in the league, teams must replenish their forfeit bond.
    • Unsportsmanlike actions by any team or a team member may result in ejection or suspension. These actions include and verbal or physical abuse directed at any player, a fan, or umpire (i.e.: swearing, fighting, intimidation).
    • Teams are responsible for their fans while at the facility. Unsportsmanlike actions by team spectators can subject team to disciplinary action by the League Officials. All fans must stay in the designated areas.
  4. PROFANITY: No profanity allowed or risk immediate penalty/ejection.
  5. PARKING: Please park legally. Do not park on the grass.

Any player ejected from a lacrosse game is AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FOR ONE (1) GAME and placed on probation for the remainder of the season. That suspension must be served on their next scheduled game that their team actually plays. Any player who participated in the next game after they are ejected from the previous game is ineligible and subject to indefinite suspension from the League. Forfeits, rain outs and any other cancellations DO NOT COUNT as games sat out.


Displays of flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior will subject players to longer suspension. Suspended player(s) are not allowed to sit on their bench while suspended.

Use of ineligible players could result in the game in which he/she participated to be forfeited. This violation will also subject the player and team captain to indefinite suspension from the league. Opposing team may question the eligibility of players. Offending team is also subject to be fined up to $100.00.

  1. GRACE PERIOD: Grace period is 10 minutes for ALL games. The time clock will start at game time when the officials are ready to start the game. Once the clock hits 20:00 minute mark, game will be declared a forfeit if at least 10 players are not present at the field to start the game.
  2. GAME DURATION: Games should not exceed one hour (except for "Overtimes"). The clock will start close to your starting time when the referees are ready to start the game.
  3. PLAYING FIELD: All games are played on full size regulation field.

Any relevant points of clarification or modification to the rules are summarized below:

  1. TIME LIMIT: All games will consist of two 25 minute running halves. Clock stops the last 2 minutes of the second half, if goal differential is less than three, as well as, overtime periods.
  2. PENALTIES: Penalties are running time starting on the whistle (30 or 60 seconds). Penalty time stops during injuries, time-outs, between quarters and halves, and while another penalty is being assessed.
  3. TIME OUTS: The clock stops on timeouts. Each team will be awarded 1 timeout per game. Timeouts are 1 minute.
  4. TIE BREAKERS: If a game ends in a tie, there will be a 3-minute "Sudden Death" overtime played. Successive 3-minute overtimes will be played until winner is declared. No timeouts in overtime.
  5. LIMITED CONTACT RULES: Officials are required to penalize any questionable rough play or uncontrolled sticks (slashing). Any contact interpreted as "intent to injure" will subject player to immediate expulsion from the game, a one game suspension, and probation for the remainder of the season. Violators do not have to be warmed prior to being ejected from the game.
  6. SHOT CLOCK: Officials will monitor game play and a shot clock will be enforced as needed, and will be communicated on the field.
  1. If a team notices incorrect rankings they should contact the league via email with an explanation of the league's mistake. Teams should not base game strategy on published standings due to occasional inaccuracies.
  2. TOP 6 TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Rankings will be determined by the following criteria: 1) Best Overall Record 2) Head to Head 3) Goals Against 4) Goals Scored
  3. In the event of a 3+ team tie, the tiebreaker process starts at step 3. Once a team is selected as winning the 3+ team tiebreaker. The process starts at step 2 once two teams are remaining.
  4. Rankings will be published weekly on the website.

A refund will be awarded if the request is submitted to the league either 30 days after the player has paid or before league play has started, whichever one comes first.

A team is subject to forfeit a game for any of the following infractions:

  1. Using an ineligible player.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Teams will not harass the officials when a forfeit is declared, or risk suspension from the League. Teams that are dropped from the League or don't finish the season, forfeit all league fees to the league.

  1. In the case of an unforeseeable problem with the field, a member of the league will contact each team captain via phone, along with each member of the league through Remind as soon as it is brought to the attention of the league.
  2. If the weather is dangerous before the games begin on schedule league nights, all team captains will be notified, along with each member of the league through Remind.
  3. It is also the responsibility of the team captain to notify all of their players if a scheduled game is cancelled.
  4. At the game site the officials make the final determination whether or not a game shall be started or continued based on the fitness of the grounds or intensity of the weather (lightning). If the game becomes dangerous due to weather, the referees will stop the game for up to 20 minutes to evaluate weather. If the game cannot be continued after 20 minutes, game is cancelled. Games will not be played if any lightning present.
  5. All games cancelled due to weather, will not be rescheduled.